Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Title Remains

Chicken Rock is called Chicken Rock because, if you don't jump off it, you are a chicken. I'm just going to say that the title remains. I didn't feel like swimming all the way out to it. Instead, Anna and I decided to go tubing. We were fine, but then her little brothers Jon Jon, 3, and Elliot, 6, wanted to go on and Jon Jon fell off. In  his little English accent he said, "MUMMYYY!!!! I don't really like tubes anymore!!!!". They are sooooo cutteee!!! Anyways, last night Anna, Maddy, and I had a sleepover in the basement. We didn't fall asleep until 4 AM. Unfortunately, I have to leave the lake this morning because my parents are back from Saratoga. On the up side, today my neighbors and I are having the ultimate nerf war. I won't chicken out on this, I've been practicing for days......


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